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duce-juice said:

Oh goodness you are back!! When did this happen?! :D

I’m not back! Just updating my blog to ask everyone to follow me on instagram & twitter :-)

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I very very very rarely use Tumblr anymore
So you should really just go and…
Follow me on Instagram: jaackmason
Follow me on Twitter: @jaackmason

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Anonymous said:

Hey. Ages ago we talked everyday and anoned each other loads of funny crap. You were nice. Miss that. You even made a theme for me x

Awww, I’m still nice and would love to chat to you! Message me on Facebook or tweet me of something :-) xx

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To the girl in McDonalds:

I am so sorry if I seemed rude earlier. I just wasn’t expecting you to say hello. I hope you don’t hate me too much!

Much love


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Anonymous said:

the picture of the girl in the car with her hair in the bun, who is that picture of? is her name emilee?

Her name is Sally-ann Grane (My auntie)

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King of McDonalds

like this if you miss me and my blog

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the house in Brighton I’m staying in until Friday :-)
Problem with Sky in my bedroom. I’m missing loads of channels ha ha